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Rev. Paul G. Zimmer II

Rev. Paul G. Zimmer, II graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 1973 with a 3.88 GPA. He also graduated from the Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Institute in 1984. While attending the NEI, Paul was elected by his peers to serve as their class president for the second half of the course, and finished at the head of his graduating class. He also completed training for Gamesmanship Therapy for Children and Teens in a psychiatric setting at the Menninger Institute in Kansas City, Kansas. He was ordained a Southern Baptist Minister in 1984.


Zimmer is listed in numerous Who’s Who publications to include, Marquis, Strathmore, and Cambridge Who’s Who in America, the World, and the West. He was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Marquis Who's Who. His career is spent working with children, teens, and families in crisis. He received the Riverside County Office of Education, Youth Advocate of the Year award in 1993.  He and his wife, Shelly, write and sing Gospel music. They recorded one album in 1985. They have copyrighted numerous songs, and book of poems that are set to popular songs from the 1960′ to the 80′s rock and roll genre. They have performed music all over the Southern California area, to include a Christian gathering at Knotts’ Berry Farm.  In December 2000, he retired from the State of California Department of Social Services .



In 2010, a poll showed that more than 80% of Americans claim to be Christians. At first glance that is one impressive figure. However, if we read what Jesus told His followers in Matthew 7:13-14, we see a serious contradiction between that poll finding and the Word of God. It is apparent, from what Jesus says, the gate and road to hell are “broad,” and flooded with “many.” Jesus taught in Matthew and Luke (13:24) that the gate to heaven is narrow like the path leading there. Furthermore, Jesus said that the narrow path has its difficulties, causing “few” to find and be able to enter the gate! Scriptures put the Bible at odds with the poll.


Final Daze: “God’s Way, or the Highway,” is an in depth examination of the narrow path, gate, and Romans 1:16-32 where Paul tells the people they have exchanged Biblical truths for their own understandings and wisdom. Not only do they believe their ways to be wiser than God’s way, but they worship their choices. Paul says God is close to turning them over to their error filled ways, lustful lifestyles, and degrading passions, once and for all! When God decides to turn mankind, individually and collectively, over to their own wickedness, it will be like a “spiritual fog, or daze” settling on and losing them to follow their sin, as they move ever closer to the final darkness and hell!


The “final daze” draped over those rebellious souls will result in their heading down the “highway to hell!” in massive numbers! Is there still time for those dabbling with worldly deities, cons and religions to come to God? Not really, as Jesus told us “today” is the day of salvation; not tomorrow, for tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. The coming haze will be a direct result of man’s personal arrogance, vanity, lust and love for the pleasures of the flesh which they try to justify with God’s Word. This is religious apostasy.


Pastor Zimmer provides a creative narrative that is upbeat, candid and prayerfully aimed at correcting the errors of the multitude before their time runs out. This book reflects his calling to the ministry, and his heartfelt desire to assist all who want, to exit the road to hell. The “trumpets in Zion have sounded” and the multitudes need to choose whom they’ll follow on earth into eternity. The right to call yourself a Christian is based on more than most are willing to commit to, personally and spiritually, in this life! Final Daze is composed in a way to make sure that those who claim to be His, have no doubt. For instance, the term Christian is used just three times in the New Testament.


The first was in Acts 11:26, when Barnabas and Paul, guests of the Antioch congregation, were referred to as Christians. The second is in Acts 26:28 when King Herod Agrippa II asks Paul if he can persuade him to become a Christian in such a short time? The final is in, I Peter 4:16 where believers are told, “if you suffer for being Christians, don’t be ashamed, instead, Praise the Father for the name you bear!” The etymology of “Christian” is embedded in the Greek suggesting that Christians are “follower’s of Christ” while proclaiming “He’s the anointed one.” The word also has close linguistic ties to the Latin with its adjectival ending suggesting Christians are those who “adhere to, or belong to Jesus, as in slave/owner relationship.” Thus you can clearly see that the term “Christian” when first used by the Antioch church and then by King Herod was truly an accolade to those who lived as little Christs’.


Final Daze is written to make sure that those who call themselves Christian are not merely wasting their one opportunity to have eternal life by practicing forms of religions. A Biblical Christian is one who is truly saved, washed in the blood of Jesus, and not merely carrying out some form of “religious lip service.” Biblical repentance, leading to salvation, requires an act of the heart and soul that changes ones entire eternal direction here on earth!

Featured at the 2017 Book Expo America, NY, NY

If you are struggling to understand why God has not healed you, then Thorn Daze is a must-read book. Pastor Zimmer candidly shares his struggles with healing, and only after many years of trial and error does he come to accept, understand, and apply the teachings of the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 to his life. In a world that is filled with quick fixes for just about everything, the believer can easily lose faith when they are going through emotional, spiritual, or physical storms. Too often, believers become so desperate to be rid of their physical and emotional struggles that they grasp at spiritual straws with the hope of discovering a God sent miracle and healing. 


Pastor Zimmer examines the prosperity teaching movement in relation to 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, and discovers that he and other believers may be left to suffer in order to bring God glory. Through prayer, and His manifested grace, the believer can come to discover that His grace is more than sufficient in relieving pain and suffering. This is an open and honest look at the authors own pain and suffering over the years; his disappointment with God when it came to not being healed; and how he's grown to accept God's all sufficient grace and perfect will for his life; and continue to effectively minister to others, in spite of suffering and pain!

Prodigal Daze is a very candid, and at times graphic portrayal of a young pastor's downward spiral into the dark world of pornography, failed marriages, and failed attempts at ministry. The willingness of the author to talk about the unthinkable should serve as a beacon of hope for any believer who is struggling with similar issues and hopelessly trapped in ungodly and unholy cravings and lifestyles. Prodigal Daze will lovingly and explicitly move the reader from Romans 7 (defeated by sin)to Romans 8 (victory over sin).


Prodigal Daze is a must read book for all believers, because sin is something we are all subject to according to I John 1:5-10. The author shows us the patience of a loving Father who remains faithful to His promise to save us, even after we fall. Prodigal Daze speaks to every believer about the courage to move forward in midst of your trials.

This book of devotions is a result of his many years of ministry and service to the church and God’s people, and we are sure the devotions in this book will be a blessing to you in many wonderful ways!


Pastor Paul Zimmer is a 1973 graduate of Azusa Pacific College. His ministry is extensive, and covers nearly 50 years in all. Over that span of time, he has served the Lord as a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries, and Worship Leader and Administrator of a large Christian preschool and elementary school. Between those church callings, Pastor Paul also worked with numerous public and private social service agencies that provided counseling and advocate services for children, youth and teens.


His work with many social service agencies has resulted in several recognitions from the local community for his efforts to provide services that protected and advanced the cause of children, youth and teens. While serving in Grand Island, NE the Unified School District gave him recognition for the juvenile diversion and counseling services provided while employed as the Director of Hall County Youth Services Bureau.


Then in 1994, the Riverside County Office of Education named him the Children and Youth Advocate of the Year for his work in Riverside and San Bernardino counties as the Supervisor of the Community Care Licensing unit that licensed day‑care homes and agencies throughout both counties.


Pastor Paul served in that position for the State of California Social Services from 1989 through his medical retirement 2000. Since his retirement, he has developed a wide reaching on line ministry, a monthly world prayer meeting and authored five books.

Jake was about to have it all. That is until a dead body is discovered. This bright young man was truly destined for greatness, even before he finished his masters degree in Financial Management. However, like so many other Americans, his dreams and career burst when the recession bubble burst, forcing him to put his life on hold and take up driving big rigs. Somewhere between his college achievements and looking for his first job in Financial Management, he developed a deep, dark secret that no one, including his lovely young wife and adoring parents could have imagined. And it was partly due to the hidden lies and secret life that he ended up being charged with murder and imprisoned.


Once in prison, Jake was stalked by fear and danger with his every move. The reader will follow Jake on a journey that includes a pit of sexual liaisons, and a series of twists and turns in the plot; underscored by the greed of even those who Jake trusted the most. During his brief but deadly ride through the justice system, Jake discovers that he wasn't the only master of deception and deadly plans. Convoy Murder has its shares of laughter, chuckles and plenty of tears for you the reader, as the mystery and intrigue will grip and pull you along with Jake's journey. A journey building up to an ending that no one could have ever imagined or seen coming!